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Aktualizace pro SharePoint Server 2016 (August 2018 CU)

Pro SharePoint Server 2016 byla vydána nová kumulativní aktualizace (August 2018 CU).
Tento CU obsahuje jak Feature Pack 2, který je součástí od zářijového CU (September 2017 CU), tak i předchozí Feature Pack 1.

SP Build:
16.0.4732.1000 (Language independent CU)
16.0.4732.1001 (Language dependent CU)

SharePoint 2016 CU – KB články popisující CU:

  • KB 4032256 – August 2018 Update for SharePoint Server 2016 (language independent)
  • KB 4022231 – August 2018 Update for SharePoint Server 2016 (language dependent)
  • Tento CU neobsahuje aktualizaci pro Office Online Server 2016

SharePoint Server 2016 CU – Odkaz ke stažení CU:

Po dokončení instalace nezapomeňte na spuštění průvodce konfigurací služby SharePoint 2016 (SharePoint 2016 Products Configuration Wizard), nebo příkazu:
PSConfig.exe -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -wait -cmd applicationcontent -install -cmd installfeatures -cmd secureresources -cmd services -install


Feature Pack 2 obsahuje též všechny funkcionality z Feature Pack 1.

Vždy instalujte oba balíčky a to v pořadí:

  1. language independent (aktualizuje jazykové nezávislé komponenty)
  2. language dependent (aktualizuje jazykové závislé komponenty)

V případě jazykově závislých balíčku (language dependent) nezáleží jaký jazyk si ve výsledku vyberete, jelikož každý balíček obsahuje aktualizace pro všechny jazyky.

V případě, že na SharePoint Server 2016 farmu instalujete nový jazykový balíček, je nutné následně znova nainstalovat jazykové závislý balíček (language dependent).

Nezapomínejte, že krom SharePoint je nutné mít aktualizovanou i službu Distributed Cache, viz. Jak správně aktualizovat Distributed Cache a v případě Office Online Serveru musíte mít aktuální RTM verzi, viz.  Jak aktualizovat Office Online Server.

Obsažené opravy a vylepšení

Seznam oprav a vylepšení tohoto CU je soubor výňatků z oficiálních Microsoft KB článků v původním jazyce (EN).

SharePoint Server 2016

This security update contains improvements and fixes for the following nonsecurity issues for SharePoint Server 2016:

  • When a web browser makes a cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) request to a SharePoint REST API, the browser typically sends an OPTIONS preflight request to SharePoint without authentication. SharePoint returns an HTTP 401 status code response for this preflight request, which is not correct.With this update, SharePoint introduces the option to respond to the CORS request by sending an HTTP 200 status code, which is the correct behavior. You must run the following commands in PowerShell to enable the new behavior:$stsConfig = Get-SPSecurityTokenServiceConfig$stsConfig.ActivateOkResponseToCORSOptions = $true$stsConfig.Update();
  • The Copy-SPSite command destroys the content type relationships in a document library. The content type settings in the document library of a new site collection are different from the settings of the source library. This issue occurs when you copy a site from the root (/) to an included URL (for example, /sites/copiedsite).
  • You can’t search integer numbers from a Microsoft Excel workbook in SharePoint 2016. After you install this update, you can search integer numbers in Excel workbooks.
  • This update adds better support for keyboard accessibility when you use the Item or Entity Picker dialog box of Business Connectivity Services by restoring the focus to the Browse button whenever the dialog box is closed.
  • Assume that a SharePoint Server 2016 web application is using a Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Authentication Provider. When you request access to a site in the web application by an Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) account, you get „Access Denied.“
  • The context menu of a document displays some options that the user doesn’t have permissions to operate. Assume that you have only Read permission on the site, and you right-click a document in the library. The context menu of the document will display the Delete Item option. When you select the „“ column of the document, you may see RenameCheck OutWorkflows, and Shared With options.
  • When a timesheet is deleted and then recreated, the actual work that’s already been reported and approved doesn’t reappear in the timesheet.
  • A web application that has an auditing service hangs when the authentication type is changed on a separate web application.
  • If there’s already a crawl running on a content source of a SharePoint Search service application when you trigger another crawl by using PowerShell on the same content source, you can’t stop the crawl on the content source through SharePoint or PowerShell. This update enables users to stop the crawl under such conditions.

This update provides translation improvements for Chinese.

Project Server 2016

This security update contains improvements and fixes for the following nonsecurity issues for Project Server 2016:

  • When a SharePoint Server 2013 content database that contains Project Server sites is mounted on a SharePoint Server 2016 farm that was set up by using PowerShell cmdlets, Project Server-related database tables are not created. Therefore, the Project Server related sites cannot be opened.
  • When you restore Enterprise custom fields by using the Administrative Backup and Administrative Restore features in SharePoint Server 2016 Central Administration, you experience a „ForeignKeyViolationError.“
  • If you set a long Duration or Work value for a task in a project and then try to achieve the value of the WorkTimeSpan property by using the Project Server 2016 client-side object model (CSOM), an overflow occurs in the WorkTimeSpan property. For example, when you set the Duration value to 75 days, the DurationTimeSpan property displays 36000. However, the WorkTimeSpan property displays -35791.3941333333.
  • You receive an unknown error when you set a lookup table value for a local custom field through the Project Server 2016 client-side object model (CSOM).
  • When you enter 1d in the Committed Work field for a resource engagement, the Committed Work field always displays the default 8h for 1 day instead of the project calendar setting from the Enterprise Global.
  • This update makes the Task Type field and Task.IsEffortDriven property updatable through the Project Server 2016 client-side object model (CSOM).
  • When you create an enterprise resource through Project Server 2016 client-side object model (CSOM), you are unable to set values for required custom fields. Therefore, you can’t create the enterprise resource.