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Aktualizace pro SharePoint Server 2016 (April 2017 CU)

Pro SharePoint Server 2016 byla vydána nová kumulativní aktualizace (April 2017 CU).
Tato CU obsahuje též Feature Pack 1, který je součástí již od listopadového CU (November 2016 CU).

SP Build: 16.0.4522.1000

SharePoint 2016 CU – KB články popisující CU:

  • KB 3178718 – April 2017 Update for SharePoint Server 2016 (language independent)
  • KB 3178721 – April 2017 Update for SharePoint Server 2016 (language dependent fixes)
  • KB 3127895 – April 2017 Update for Office Online Server 2016 (language dependent fixes)

SharePoint Server 2016 CU – Odkaz ke stažení CU:

Po dokončení instalace nezapomeňte na spuštění průvodce konfigurací služby SharePoint 2016 (SharePoint 2016 Products Configuration Wizard), nebo příkazu:
PSConfig.exe -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -wait -cmd applicationcontent -install -cmd installfeatures -cmd secureresources -cmd services -install


Vždy instalujte oba balíčky a to v pořadí:

  1. language independent (aktualizuje jazykové nezávislé komponenty a povyšuje verzi SP Build)
  2. language dependent (aktualizuje jazykové závislé komponenty)

V případě jazykově závislých balíčku (language dependent) nezáleží jaký jazyk si ve výsledku vyberete, jelikož každý balíček obsahuje aktualizace pro všechny jazyky.

V případě, že na SharePoint Server 2016 farmu instalujete nový jazykový balíček, je nutné následně znova nainstalovat jazykové závislý balíček (language dependent).

Nezapomínejte, že krom SharePoint je nutné mít aktualizovanou i službu Distributed Cache, viz. Jak správně aktualizovat Distributed Cache.

Obsažené opravy a vylepšení

Součástí tohoto CU jsou následující opravy a vylepšení.

SharePoint Server 2016

  • When you start a crawl for a web application that’s migrated from SharePoint Server 2013, the crawl fails, and the content isn’t searchable. This issue occurs because the connector retrieves the TenantId property for two times.
  • A new SPServer.CompliantWithMinRole property is added so that farm administrators can see the MinRole compliance status of each server in the farm without using Central Administration. You can see the server compliance status in Windows PowerShell by running:
    Get-SPServer | FT -Property Address, Role, CompliantWithMinRole
  • Sometimes psconfig copies side-by-side files unnecessarily.
  • Improves word breaking for Thai.
  • Translates some terms in multiple languages to make sure that the meaning is accurate.
  • When PSConfig runs its tasks, it first stops certain services on the local server, such as the SharePoint Timer service. If you click Cancel before the final task runs to the end, or if PSConfig encounters an unexpected exception, it won’t automatically restart the services that it stopped.
  • In an upgrade, the log file would record warnings about avoiding an attempt to change the database version because it recognizes that this can’t be done. This log file message severity is now changed from warnings to information so that administrators don’t think an invalid action was performed during an upgrade.
  • Fix an issue about the compilation of search query completion dictionaries. Query suggestions timer job sometimes fails because of duplicate key constraint violation.
  • If you have a SharePoint 2013 site that uses a Serbian language pack, the site fails to upgrade when you attach the content database to SharePoint Server 2016. This is fixed.
  • Translates some terms in multiple languages to make sure that the meaning is accurate.

Project Server 2016

  • When you browse PWA pages that have HTML grids either in Internet Explorer standards or enterprise mode, you can’t scroll pages because the scroll bars don’t appear.
  • Screen readers don’t identify that the Delegate Name and the User Name fields on the Add Delegation page are required.